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Overview of Weihai

2019-04-11 16:54


Weihai City is at the most eastern end of the Shandong Peninsula, governs Huancui District, Wendeng District, Rongcheng City, Rushan City. It sets up two national development zones -Economic and Technological Development Area and Lingang Economic and Technological Development Area as well as one national high-tech industrial development zone. The total area of the city is 5,797 km2, and the permanent residents are 2.826 million. In 2017, its GDP reached to RMB 348.01 billion and the local general public budget income reached to RMB 27.31 billion.

Emerging and opening

Weihai is the nearest city to South Korea in China. In 2015, Weihai and the Incheon Free Economic Zone were chosen as Sino-Korea Free Trade Area Regional Economic Cooperation Demonstration Zones and in 2016, national service trade innovation development pilot city, Weihai comprehensive free trade zone and Shandong Province (Weihai) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental area were approved. Weihai is the first pilot port for Sino-Korea land and sea through transportation business and now has 5 national first-class ports opened to outside as well as opens 6 offshore passenger and freight routes reaching to Korea, Japan, and etc. Weihai Airport opens one international airline and 19 domestic airlines and Qing-Rong Intercity Railway passes through Weihai. In 2017, Weihai actually received foreign capital of RMB 8.8 billion with a year-on-year growth of 10.1% and the total value of imported and exported goods reached RMB 140.5 billion, increased by 17.8%.

Energetic Weihai

Weihai has established 308 provincial and above research and development platforms, including 3 national engineering laboratories, 2 national engineering technology research centers, 12 national enterprise technology centers, and 4 national industrial design centers. Weihai has 9 institutions of higher education, which annually train nearly 20,000 talents in all walks of life.

Distinctive characteristics

Weihai is with solid industrial foundation and has more than 20,000 various industrial enterprises, including 1,860 enterprises based on above designated size and 17 listed enterprises. In Weihai, traditional industries, such as machine manufacturing, food processing, transportation equipment as well as textile and garment, accelerate transformation and upgrading. Strategic emerging industry clusters such as new information, new medicine, new material, intelligent equipment, marine organism, and IOT, are prosperous. Weihai is the biggest production base of fishing gear, tire, medical polymer products, woodworking machinery and carpet nationwide, as well as has 19 China famous brand products and 35 China well-known brands.

Obvious advantage

Weihai is with a coastline of 985.9 kilometers, approximately accounting for 1/3 of that of Shandong Province and 1/18 of that of China, as well as abounds in more than 300 kinds of seafood, such as prawn, sea cucumber, abalone, shellfish, alga, and various economic fishes. Products of geographical indication such as "Weihai stichopus japonicus", "Rongcheng kelp" and "Rushan oyster" enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad. In 2017, the output of aquatic products reached 2.574 million tons in Weihai, accounting for 28% of that of Shandong Province and 4% of that of China. Weihai is the biggest fishery production base nationwide, China ocean aquatic product processing and logistics base, and China's famous seafood city, as well as is rated as China recreational fishery city and China fishing tackle city.

Pleasant scenery

It is like the old saying, "Thousands of miles of coastlines create a landscape painting-it is difficult to be water for one who has seen Weihai". Weihai is nearby the mountain and the sea with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. It has more than 80 tourism scenic spots, including Liugong Island and Huaxia City which fall into 5A tourism scenic areas. Weihai is a national tourism standardization demonstrative city and was approved to establish a national all-for-one tourism demonstration zone. It received 42.932 million tourists, with the total tourist consumption reaching RMB 59.31 billion, an increase of 14.2% in 2017.

Beautiful environment

362 days with "blue sky and white cloud" arose after measurement by the Provincial Weather Bureau in 2017. Weihai is the only city whose ambient air quality stably reaches to the national secondary standard for two consecutive years and chosen as a national water-saving society innovation pilot demonstration city. The forest coverage rate in Weihai reaches 42.7%, making Weihai the "National Forest City". Weihai basically wins all the national honors in the ecological residential area. It is the first "National Sanitary City" and "National Environmental Protection Model City" nationwide as well as wins "Chinese environmental prize" and UN "Habitat Award" and "China Habitat Environment Prize" successively.

Harmonious and happy

Weihai wins title "National Civilized City" as it ranks the first among all the national prefecture-level cities. The per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents is separately RMB 42,703 and RMB 18,963. The urbanization rate of registered and permanent residents is 58.5% and 66.5% respectively in Weihai, making Weihai become one of China's first batch of China-Europe urbanization partnership cooperation demonstration cities. Moreover, Weihai is chosen as the national new urbanization comprehensive pilot city, one of the first batch of national wisdom city pilots, national pilot city with information benefiting the people, as well as broadband demonstration city in China. Additionally, Weihai is also chosen as the national health city pilot, national health care and pension combination pilot, home and community elderly care service reform pilot, as well as national TCM comprehensive reform experimental area. It has 2,655 various health agencies and 18,176 beds with the quantity of professional medical workers for per 1,000 persons close to the level of developed countries. Public satisfaction with public security ranks the first among all the cities in Shandong Province and Weihai is chosen as the national outstanding city of comprehensive control for public security.




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