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Overview of Jinan

2019-04-11 16:52


Jinan City, which borders on Mount Tai in the south and the Yellow River in the north, is known as "spring city", which integrates mountains, springs, lakes, rivers and cities. It has a history of more than 2600 years, with Qilu Confucius and Mencius culture intersected here. Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province - the second largest province in population and the third largest in economic strength, is the political, economic, cultural and financial center of the province. It is one of the core areas in the national experimental area for transition from old to new economic engines. The total area is 7,998 square kilometers, and the resident population is 7.32 million.

In 2017, the GDP is RMB 720.2 billion and the tertiary industry accounts for nearly 60% of the GDP, and the per capita GDP is RMB 9, 8967. The GDP of "1+6" capital metropolitan area centering on Jinan and composed by six surrounding cities is RMB 2.5282 trillion, which accounts for 35% of the GDP in Shandong Province. The total population in Jinan is about 35 million, accounting for 1/3 of Shandong Province.

Jinan with convenient transportation

Jinan City is connected with the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle in the south, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Circle in the north, the Bohai economic circle in the east and the Central Plains Economic Zone in the west. It is the intersection city of five economic circles in the whole country. Railway: Construct the high-speed railway hub in the shape of British “Union Jack”; Open to 23 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, and connect over 200 cities; one of the 10 largest regional passenger transportation centers; one of the 16 road network rail hubs. Roads: Radiating in the whole province and connecting the whole country; One of the 45 main traffic hub cities in the whole country. The road mileage is 12856.8km. Aviation: China's important airport that connects more than 90 cities inside and outside the country, of which 20 are international cities. The capacity of passenger handling and cargo handling is expected to reach 15 million and 150,000 tons in 2020.

Jinan with rich education resources.

There are 49 colleges and universities in Jinan, with more than 700,000 students at school and a total of more than 600,000 scientific and technological personnel.

Jinan with rich medical resources

There are 31 tertiary hospitals, 5,771 medical and health institutions at all levels, with more than 76,400 health technical personnel, and 52,100 beds.

Jinan with a high level of scientific and technological innovation.

Jinan is an advanced city of scientific and technological progress in China, with a total of 25 effective invention patents; The total number of high-tech enterprises is 1,000, of which 25 are national level and 350 are provincial level; There are 25 national characteristic industry base innovation platforms; There are 148 maker space and science and technology incubators.

Foreign cooperation of Jinan.

In 2017, the total value of imports and exports of the whole city is RMB 70.81 billion with an increase of 10.5% over the same period last year, of which RMB 45.1 billion is exported and RMB 25.71 billion is imported. Products are sold in more than 200 countries (regions).

Up to 2017, the applied foreign funds have amounted to 14.111 billion USD. There are 57 overseas top-500 enterprises here, of which high and new technology industry accounts for nearly 60% of the total landing manufacturing industry, and the investment projects in the service industry account for 27% of the total.  

By 2017, the city has set up a total of 448 overseas enterprises. The amount of foreign contracted projects is USD 36 billion and the business amount is USD 25.9 billion.

The internationalized Jinan has carried out communication and cooperation with more than 200 countries and regions in various fields, and formed friendly cities with 23 cities in 22 countries.

On January 3, 2018, the State Council approved General Scheme of Construction of Comprehensive Experimental Area for Transition to new from old economic engines in Shandong (GH (2018) No.1 Reply). This is the first experimental area with the theme of transition from old to new economic engines and the first regional national strategy approved after the 19th National Congress of CPC.

At present, Jinan is fully connected with Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, taking the initiative to serve the Xiong'an New area, to build an important growth pole in Circum-Bohai-Sea Bay area, to build a modern "big, strong, beautiful, wealthy and open" international metropolis, and to make Jinan a leading economic leader in Shandong Province.




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