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Overview of Dongying

2019-04-11 16:53

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The modern city of Dongying was created in October 1983 to meet the needs of the development and construction of Shengli Oilfield and the Yellow River Delta. It lies in the northern part of Shandong Province, in the Yellow River Delta area. The Yellow River flows through nine provinces, and then empties into the sea near this city. Dongying is the birthplace of Sun Zi, a military strategist in ancient China. Lyu Opera, one of the eight regional operas of China, originated here.

Dongying covers an area of 8,243 square kilometers, and is divided into three districts (Dongying, Hekou, Kenli) and two counties (Guangrao and Lijin), with a total population of 2.15 million. It is the central city of the Yellow River Delta and an important oil base in China. It is noted as the national civilized city, the national garden city and China's excellent tourist city, and has been awarded the China Habitat Environment Prize.

Affluent natural resources

Dongying is built because of oil and flourishes with oil. As Shengli Oilfield's main production base, the city produces 85 percent of the entire oilfield's yield and reserves 80 percent of the area's petroleum. Since the discovery of Shengli Oilfield in April 1961, the first industrial oil flow well - Huaba well, has been drilled. The total proved oil reserves are 5.4 billion tons and the natural gas reserves are 267.6 billion cubic meters. Seventy-four oil and gas fields have been developed with a cumulative production of 1.15 billion tons of crude oil and a production of 57.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas. With more than 4 million mu (about 2667 square kilometer) of unused land, the city is the area with the largest potential land resources and the largest development potential among China's eastern coastal areas. Moreover, 10,000-20,000 mu (about 6.67- 13.33 square kilometer) new lands are generated each year. The coastline stretches 413 kilometers, and the coastal intertidal zone spans 6000 square kilometer. There are 109.7 billion tons of rock salt resources, 1.189 billion cubic meters of brine reserves and 344.7 billion cubic meters of geothermal reserves.

Strong comprehensive strength

In 2017, the city's gross domestic product reached RMB 380.178 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 6.4% at comparable prices, with a per capita GDP of RMB 177,000. Both the total amount and the per capita GDP ranked  first among all petroleum resource-based cities in China. Its RMB 1.28 trillion main business income of industrial enterprises ranked the third in Shandong Province. The public finance income was RMB 23.288 billion. The per capita disposable income of urban residents and rural residents was RMB 4, 4763 and RMB 1, 6252 respectively. The total deposit balance in RMB and foreign currencies was RMB 382.241 billion and the loan balance was RMB 366.879 billion.

Good industrial infrastructure

After years of development, we have developed a unique industrial system with four major industrial clusters in the fields of petroleum and salt chemicals, rubber tires and auto parts, nonferrous metals, and petroleum equipment. The one-time crude oil processing capacity has reached 69 million tons, , accounting for about 1/10 of the country. The country’s first association standard for gasoline and diesel used in vehicles is released here. The radial tire production capacity has reached 168 million, accounting for the country's 1/5, and 8 tire enterprises have been listed in global top-75 tire enterprises, making the city the largest rubber tire manufacturing base in China The output of the petroleum equipment industry in the city accounted for a third of China's total, making the city the largest manufacturing base in China's petroleum equipment industry. Only Dongying is awarded the famous brand demonstration zone for copper and copper materials industry in China. Rapid breakthroughs have been made in new materials, new energy, aerospace, new information technology, modern biology and medicine and other emerging industries. The output value of high-tech industries accounts 35.47% of total output value of industrial enterprises above designated size. There are 34 enterprises with sales income of more than RMB 10 billion. Among them, 12 enterprises are listed in the top-500 Chinese enterprises, 18 in the top-500 Chinese private enterprises, 19 in the top-100 enterprises in Shandong Province, and 23 in the top-100 private enterprises in Shandong Province. As for the agriculture, we have developed and expanded the dominant industries (green planting, ecological animal husbandry, and modern fishery), established millions of mu (1 mu=666.7m2) breeding base for Yellow River hairy crabs and 300,000 mu (20km2) breeding base for sea cucumber. The livestock of dairy cow is 100,000 and the industrial production capacity of edible fungi is 400,000 tons. The brand competitiveness of agricultural products (such as Yellow River hairy crabs, Yellow River rice) has been improving constantly. Dongying is listed as the national modern agricultural demonstration zone. The Yellow River Delta Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone is the second state-level Agricultural High-tech Zone approved by the State Council. In the service industry, we have speeded up the construction of the service agglomeration area, created a tourism demonstration city with5A-grade scenic spots and national-level tourist resorts, and fostered new industries such as e-commerce and cultural creativity so as to promote the development of modern logistics, cultural tourism, financial services, health care and other services. To boost mass entrepreneurship and innovation, we have established 10 state-level innovation platforms (such as Yellow River Delta Institute of Sustainable Development; National Engineering Research Center for Production Equipment) and 6 state-level innovation incubators. Dongying is a pilot city for the construction of national science and technology innovation system and one of the first batch of national intellectual property demonstration cities. It has been approved to build a China (Dongying) intellectual property protection center and one of the first batch of cities with strong capacity of intellectual property.

Open and inclusive culture

As the home to Qi Culture in ancient times, the southern part of Dongying has profound cultural heritages. The northern part of Dongying, which forms from deposition of sediment carried by the Yellow River, is the youngest land in China. The collision of ancient and modern civilization, and the combination of Yellow River culture, petroleum culture, and ocean culture creates a cultural city with distinctive characteristics through ancient and modern times. Dongying is a typical immigrant city. From the great immigration at the turning of Yuan and Ming dynasty to the Shengli Oilfield exploration in the 1960s, to the three Gorges immigration in the early 21st century, immigrants from different times and different regions have merged into each other’s culture and promoted each other. People are hard-working, simple, enthusiastic, and inclusive here.

Open and integrated economics

The city actively integrates into the Bohai Rim and Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei regional development strategy, and undertakes Beijing's non-capital function and Beijing-Tianjin industry transfer. The city actively responds to "The Belt and Road" initiative, and participates in the construction of Sino-Korea Free Trade Area, China - Middle Asia - West Asia, China - Mongolia - Russia and other international channels to continue to increase openness. Dongying ranks the 44th among all cities featuring international trade in China. It has 367 Madrid international trademarks, ranking second in Shandong Province. In 2017, the total volume of Dongying’s imports and exports was RMB 126 billion and 13 of Global 500 companies were attracted . Gold Label Road Race - Yellow River Estuary (Dongying) International Marathon has been held successfully eleven times,  China (Dongying) International Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment and Technology Exhibition for ten times, China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tires and Auto Parts Exhibition for nine times,  the trade fair of oil products for nine times, and Yellow River Delta (China · Kenli) International Ecological Agriculture Exposition for seven times.. Among them, petroleum and petrochemical equipment technology exhibition and rubber tire and auto parts exhibition were certified by Union of International Fairs (UFI), accounting for 1/4 of Shandong Province.

Open and broad platform

Dongying is a young city with the youngest land in China, and it has great development potential. Three state-level platforms (Dongying Economic and Technological Development Area, Yellow River Delta Agricultural High-tech Zone, and Dongying Comprehensive Bonded Zone) and seven provincial economic development zones (high-tech zones) have been created. It utilizes five new development platforms to cultivate new industries and new business forms. Relying on the Yellow River Delta agricultural high-tech zone, great efforts are made to create agricultural "Silicon Valley". Relying on Dongying Comprehensive Bonded Zone, it develops new trade patterns, constructs regional bonded logistics, bonded processing and manufacturing, and international commodity display base. Relying on the airport-powered industrial district and the construction of the civil aircraft test base in China, this city develops air transport-related industries and high-end aviation service industries. Relying on Guangli Port Industrial Zone, it focuses on the development of high-end marine, high-end equipment manufacturing, clean energy, and modern logistics industries. Relying on the Dongying high-tech zone, the city focuses on prompting research and development of core technologies in the oil equipment manufacturing field, business model innovation, and industrial chain extension.

Excellent ecological environment

Yellow River, the mother river of China, flows through Dongying and then meets the Bohai Sea, creating the magical and magnificent Yellow River Delta and forming the wonders of "Yellow and Blue intersection". The wetland resources in the whole city are rich, accounting for 35% of the land area and constituting the city characteristics, ecological characteristics and development advantages of Dongying. National Nature Reserve of the Yellow River Delta covering 2.3 million mu (about 1533.3km2), which mainly protects the new wetland ecosystem and the rare and endangered birds, is the most complete, broadest and youngest wetland ecosystem in warm temperate zone of China, which is known as "the most beautiful wetland in China" and has been listed into the directory of international important wetlands. The reserve has 368 species of birds, 63 of which are listed as national first-grade or second-grade attentive protected species such as  red-crowned crane and oriental white stork. This reserve is known as the "international airport of birds".

Beautiful and livable city

According to the orientation of "ecological home, regional center", we promote the city with industry, water, greening and culture, and create a harmonious, beautiful and livable environment. The "large space, large green space, large water surface and large wetland" shape in the central city has been fashioned. The forest wetland park, the egret wetland park, the urban green road, and the ecological corridor project show a beautiful picture that the landscape avenues connect the ecological parks, and the street parks connect the residences. With the urbanization centering on the people, the resident population urbanization rate has reached 66.67%. The city is creating the national ecological garden city and applying for the international wetland city.

Sound urban functions

Dongying Port is the first-class open port in China and the largest port for oil and liquid chemicals in the circum-Bohai-Sea area. It has 57 productive berths and 20 open berths. It is speeding up the construction of 100,000-ton waterway and 250,000 tons of single-point mooring and LNG wharf, to promote the early construction of a port with the cargo handling capacity of more than 100 million tons. Dongying Airport is a national 4D airport and has opened 20 flights in 12 cities. It is the core hub airport in the Yellow River Delta region. Dezhou - Dalian Railway and Jinan-Dongying Expressway have been built and opened to traffic. The city has been included into the national railway network planning as the important node of the coastal high-speed railway and Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway. The survey and design works have started. After the completion, it can achieve 1-hour traffic circle with Tianjin, Qingdao and Jinan, 1.5-hour traffic circle with Beijing and 4-hour traffic circle with Shanghai, forming a modern three-dimensional transportation pattern. Xuelian Grand Theatre, Gymnasium, Indoor Tennis Stadium, Yellow River Culture Museum, Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Library, Science and Technology Museum, Youth Palace and other major public venues have been built and put into use. All kinds of schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, banks and other facilities dot the city. With convenient public traffic, the city can provide a comprehensive service (study, medicine, shopping, entertainment, travel) for the citizens.

Prominent strategic position

The State attaches great importance to the development and construction of the Yellow River Delta. Dongying, as the central city in the Yellow River Delta region, is included in the overall layout of a national comprehensive test area for new and old kinetic energy conversion in Shandong Province. It is the sole city in Shandong Province that is fully integrated into the high-efficiency ecological economic zone of the Yellow River Delta and the construction of the blue economic zone of Shandong Peninsula. It is also an important node city in the Bohai Rim region and a coordinated development city among Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. We are seizing the opportunities in national strategies and regional development strategies, strengthening regional cooperation, seeking business opportunities in the reconstruction of value chain and industrial chain, speeding up the new and old kinetic energy conversion, and promoting economic transformation and upgrading. Dongying borders on Beijing and Tianjin in the north, connects Shandong Peninsula in the south and is separated by sea from Japan and Korea. It is located at the junction of the Bohai Rim Economic Zone and the Yellow River Economic Zone. It is characterized by such good regional advantages as gathering the production factors, attracting the investment of various parties, and driving the regional development.

Incentive  investment policies

The national strategy gives Dongying the first trial right in land management system reform, efficient ecological and marine industry cooperation, financial innovation, electronic port interconnection and so on. To expand the opening-up to attract investment, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have formulated a series of incentive investment policies to reduce the cost and optimize the environment for the development of enterprises. Clear incentive policies cover foreign investment, talent promotion, corporate listing, headquarter enterprises, mergers &acquisitions and other important areas. With a relatively high “gold content”, it is more attractive than other incentive policies in other areas in China and foreign regions. With flexible measures, the city has given the flexible and diverse support policies from land, settlement incentives, fixed assets investment incentives, business contribution awards, industry fund support and other aspects, and given preferential treatment and support to major projects in the form of "one matter one discussion" and "one enterprise one policy". At the same time, a comprehensive supporting policy is made to lighten the tax burden of enterprises, reduce the cost of production factors and help investors gain citizen treatment.

Good business environment

Dongying identifies investment attraction as the "No. 1 Project" to promote economic development. As an important engine for expanding investment and promoting development, and as a powerful driving force for building a beautiful and happy new Dongying, the municipal party committee and municipal government have established the Municipal Investment Promotion Committee with ten industrial investment promotion committees (such as high-end equipment manufacturing, cultural tourism, talent promotion and so on) to provide "housekeeping" and "baby-sitter" services for enterprises. The municipal party committee and the municipal government have issued opinions on further optimizing the investment environment, and the Municipal discipline Inspection Commission has put forward the idea of creating a good environment to help promote the work of attracting investment, improve the efficiency and service quality, build a new type of relationship between government and business, develop good governance to attract investment, and provide a good environment for business operations, so that enterprises investing in Dongying feel more comfortable.




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