Zhushan Ecological Valley Rural Tourism Complex

  • Budget:15billion
    Cooperation Mode:其它
  • Industry:Cultural and Tourism industry
    Jurisdiction:Zhucheng, Weifang

Construction Conditions

The project has completed the health care log cabin, outdoor expansion training base, container camping base, RV camping base, farming experience area, agricultural culture exhibition hall, water glass rafting, colorful slideway, Tongleyuan, happy land, Shun pottery workshop, Yaowanggu traditional Chinese medicine treatment area, conference and training center, tourist service center, ecological parking lot, 3A-level tourist toilet identification system, and other facilities.

Market Potential

Zhucheng is an excellent tourist city in China, with rich cultural tourism resources such as dinosaur culture, celebrity culture, and transcendental culture. As a new form of cultural tourism, the Ecological Valley Project shares tourist sources and complements these cultural tourism projects. It can provide 1,000 long-term jobs and 5,000 seasonal jobs, helping farmers in more than 100 surrounding villages increase income and become better off, which effectively promotes the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.


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