"Qinghe Ancient Port" High-end Cultural Tourism Project

  • Budget:待定
    Cooperation Mode:其它
  • Industry:Cultural and Tourism industry
    Jurisdiction:Yangkou Town, Shouguang

Construction Conditions

Land acquisition and demolition within the scope of project planning and design have been completed, as well as conceptual planning and design. The pre-project preparations such as project initiation and formalities handling are underway and detailed constructive planning will be carried out. The construction is expected to start in June 2023.

Market Potential

The project seizes the pilot opportunities of national-level characteristic towns and emerging small cities to optimize the urban pattern, improve facility construction and upgrade urban connotation, expand service formats and integrate with Xiaoqinghe Estuary Wetland Scenic Area to build a modern coastal cultural tourism city, which features a unique cultural tourism of fishery and salt merchants and soldiers, as well as a destination for health tourism. After completion, the project will create about 2,500 jobs, with an annual operating revenue of 123.69 million yuan and a profit of 71.45 million yuan.


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