Yishan Scenic Area Rural Revitalization and Integration Development Demonstration Base Project

  • Budget:1.18billion
    Cooperation Mode:合资合作
  • Industry:Cultural and Tourism industry
    Jurisdiction:Linqu County, Weifang

Construction Conditions

The functional area and e-commerce base construction, homestay rental, and the first homestay design scheme have been completed.

Market Potential

The project construction conforms to the national industrial orientation and the guiding direction of promoting rural revitalization strategy development. With well construction conditions, it will promote the harmonious development of local cultural tourism and other related industries, form an industrial cluster, improve the industrial chain, drive and promote the all-round development of local national economy and social progress. After the formal operation, it can realize an average annual sales revenue of 501.66 million yuan, an average annual total profit of 360.38 million yuan, and an average annual net profit of 270.29 million yuan, the annual taxes and VAT surcharges paid are 27.69 million yuan, and the annual income tax paid is 90.1 million yuan. The return on investment is 29.80%, and the profit and tax rate of investment is 40.55%.


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