Dinosaur Exploration Kingdom Project

  • Budget:1.26billion
    Cooperation Mode:其它-合资合作-...
  • Industry:Cultural and Tourism industry
    Jurisdiction:No. 3833, Longxiang Road, Longdu Subdistrict, Zhucheng

Construction Conditions

T1 and T2 venues are under construction, and the main structure of the T3 venue has been completed. The main works of the Ticket hall and commercial building on the east side of the zone and other parts of the main building has been be completed. The hard pavement of the entrance square and asphalt paving and greening of the parking lot have been completed.

Market Potential

The Dinosaur Exploration Kingdom Project is a concentrated display of dinosaur fossil resources in Zhucheng, It is an educational platform for exploring the mysteries of dinosaurs and scientific knowledge, as well as publicizing relevant national and local laws, regulations and policies. It is estimated that the new revenue will be 300 million yuan, the profit will be 60 million, the tax revenue will be 30 million yuan and more than 750 new jobs will be created.


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