Binzhou Harbor High-end Petrochemical Industrial Zone Project

  • Budget:100billion
  • Industry:High-end chemical industry
    Jurisdiction:Binzhou Beihai Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province

Construction Conditions

At present, a number of high-tech enterprises of new materials have set up offices in the zone, such as Shandong Binhua New Materials Co., Ltd., Binzhou Yuneng Chemical Co., Ltd., Zaiyuan (Shandong) New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Binzhou Zaiyuan Yuneng New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Jinsheng Ocean Co., Ltd. and Beihai Shoujian New Material Co., Ltd. Auxiliary facilities such as roads, greening, catering, and accommodation will be built.

Market Potential

After the completion, the zone can build three industrial chains: electronic chemicals, fine chemicals, and new chemical materials, with a total output value of 500 billion yuan and greatly increased taxes and profits.

Project Planning and Other Materials

The zone aims to attract enterprises in high-end chemical, new materials, and supporting industries.


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