Research and Development and Manufacturing Project of Silicon-based Integrated Optical Transceiver Chip

  • Budget:10billion
    Cooperation Mode:Sole proprietorship a...
  • Industry:New energy & materials

Target Investors

Introducing Projects

Construction Content

The construction content includes main workshops and auxiliary facilities, R&D center, production workshops and other auxiliary facilities. The main equipment includes high-frequency furnace and mask aligner, with the designed scale of silicon-based integrated optical transceiver chip reaching 500,000.

Market Potential

The project products should meet the current and future market demand, have a broad development prospect, involve advanced technologies and have a reasonable cost structure as well as good economic and social benefits.


The project meets the current and future industry market demand and has a broad development prospect.

Preferential Policies

Enjoy preferential policies at province, city, county and district levels.

Investment Requirements

Introducing foreign funds and enterprises


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