High-end equipment manufacturing

Source: Editor: 徐星航01-14-2023 10:22

Industry introduction:

Industrial scale

The industrial scale continues to expand, and the high-end servers, power equipment technical level and industry scale are in the front rank in China.

Product technologies

Our province has successively developed a series of high-end equipment such as ultra-deep water double-drilling tower semi-submersible drilling platform, CR400AF CEMU, high-end fault-tolerant computer, large-scale fast numerical control full-automatic stamping production line, and cheese digital automatic dyeing complete sets.


Industrial development

Since the launch of “Five-Year Plan”, Shandong has built 8 national new industrialized industrial demonstration bases and 26 provincial-level new industrialized industrial demonstration bases, forming a certain regional characteristics. Marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships in Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai, rail transit equipment in Jinan and Qingdao, high-end numerical control machine tools in Jinan and Zaozhuang, intelligent complete production lines in Tai’an and agricultural machinery and power equipment in Weifang have formed a clustering trend.


Industrial belt:

Zibo high-performance industry belt

With high-performance medical equipment and high-efficiency motors as emphasis, a public technology innovation platform will be built to promote the development of industrial cluster, and build a nationally leading high-performance medical equipment manufacturing base and advanced high-efficiency motor industry cluster.

Weifang intelligent agricultural industry belt

With intelligent agricultural equipment, ship engines, fuel cells and smart wearable devices as emphasis, build an intelligent agricultural machinery equipment innovation platform and a national hydrogen fuel cell innovation center, build a nationally leading intelligent agricultural machinery equipment base, a high-efficiency green power equipment base and a smart wearable equipment base. 

Tai’an intelligent manufacturing equipment industry belt

With complete sets of intelligent production lines and smart grid equipment as emphasis, strengthen cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions to build a nationally advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment and smart grid equipment cluster.