Shandong Steel Enterprise Embraces Digital Manufacturing

Source: China DailyEditor: 韩静静05-20-2024 15:04

Shandong Shiheng Special Steel Group Co Ltd, a large privately-owned steel conglomerate in Tai'an city, Shandong province, epitomizes the integration of coking, iron-making, steelmaking, steel rolling, power generation, mechanical manufacturing, private capital, and steel logistics.

Shiheng Special Steel Group Co Ltd, a leading steel company in Tai'an, embraces the green and intelligent transformation brought about by digital transformation. Guided by the principles of green and low-carbon development, the enterprise is driving high-quality growth through technological innovation, vigorously developing low-carbon steelmaking technologies, and accelerating its low-carbon transformation.

The company has optimized its energy consumption and product structure, implemented industrial coordinated treatment technologies, and promoted the comprehensive utilization of resources. As a result, it has achieved continuous reductions in carbon emissions, energy consumption per ton of steel, and pollutant emissions.

It is also actively exploring new digital models for intelligent steelmaking. In its quest toward digital transformation, the company has embraced data-driven high-end development, implementing digital, automated, and intelligent upgrades to its production processes.

This has led to the creation of multiple digital application scenarios, including digital blast furnaces, smart sintering, steelmaking, and steel rolling.

The company has fully leveraged the advantages of new equipment and processes to establish advanced and stable digital and intelligent systems for its various production units, including raw materials, sintering, coking, iron-making, steelmaking, steel rolling, and auxiliary systems.

These efforts have helped drive quality improvements and cost reductions in steel products, realizing unmanned or minimally manned operations in process production.

The enterprise's unwavering commitment to technological innovation and low-carbon transformation serves as a beacon for the steel industry, demonstrating the transformative power of technology in achieving sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.