Shandong to Give Priority to Supporting the Establishment of Provincial Quality Inspection Centers in Strategic Emerging Industries and Other Fields

Source: Haibao NewsEditor: 李明秀04-09-2024 18:40

Recently, the Shandong Administration for Market Regulation issued the Shandong Province Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center Management Measures (Trial), which will come into effect from May 1. By doing so, it aims to better play the role of inspection and testing services in supporting green, low-carbon, and high-quality development, to improve and perfect public service platforms for inspection and testing, and to standardize and strengthen the development and management of provincial product quality inspection and testing centers.

The Measures explores and makes innovation in general principles, development management, accreditation management, operational management, and supplementary provisions, thereby establishing a relatively complete management system framework for provincial quality inspection centers.

On the one hand, the direction for building quality inspection centers in Shandong Province is now clearer. The Measures prioritizes support in advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, and public safety, among other fields, for the establishment of provincial quality inspection centers. On the other hand, the development conditions and procedures for such centers are more standardized. The Measures stipulates the seven standard requirements that the supporting legal person entities applying for setting up a provincial quality inspection center must meet, as well as the procedural requirements for the Shandong Administration for Market Regulation to approve the preparation for the establishment of such centers.