Shandong Introduces Detailed Rules on Industrial Internet Empowerment Awards and Subsidies up to 15 Million

Source: Haibao NewsEditor: 李明秀04-03-2024 09:45

The Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province and the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance have jointly issued the Management Measures and Implementation Rules for Funds of Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry Empowered by Industrial Internet in Shandong Province (Trial). Next, Shandong will provide awards and subsidies to support national-level digital transformation benchmark demonstrations, including cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet platforms, excellent digital industrial enterprises, and characteristic professional platforms. The province will also support the construction of 5G base stations and the establishment of secondary nodes for industrial Internet identification resolution and analysis in the current year, as well as "open competition" projects for digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. These measures aim to accelerate the digital transformation in the manufacturing industry through the empowerment of the industrial Internet.

For newly built 5G base stations committed to innovative application of digital technology in vertical fields such as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, intelligent hubs, smart healthcare, urban management, smart livelihood, and smart education, with a daily traffic volume exceeding 30 GB, the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance will provide a subsidy of up to 5,000 yuan per station based on their achievements in promoting its application. A telecom operator or joint venture adopting a co-construction and sharing model can receive a maximum subsidy of 15 million yuan. However, an individual enterprise is not allowed to apply both as an independent applicant and as a joint venture.