Shandong’s 13 Cities Listed among the Top 100 Cities by Advanced Manufacturing in 2023

Source: Haibao NewsEditor: 柳文琦11-30-2023 16:00

Recently, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center of CCID Consulting released the Research Report on Top 100 Cities by Advanced Manufacturing in 2023. Notably, 13 cities in Shandong landed on the list.

They were Qingdao (7th), Jinan (15th), Yantai (23rd), Weifang (35th), Weihai (46th), Linyi (54th), Zibo (55th), Dezhou (62nd), Binzhou (64th), Dongying (69th), Jining (74th), Heze (80th) and Liaocheng (85th).

Dong Yanling, Dean of the Research Institute of Regional Economy at the Shandong University of Finance and Economics, said that manufacturing is an advantage for Shandong where both high-end and basic manufacturing industries enjoy robust development. Considering the development trends of the manufacturing industry, it is necessary for Shandong to highlight its foundation and advantages, integrate advanced elements into the industry, and make the transition towards a new manufacturing industry characterized by technological sophistication.