Shandong Gathers Surging Momentum in the Development of New Energy Industry

Source: The seanewsEditor: 韩静静07-21-2023 10:07

As one of the "top ten" industries in Shandong, Shandong's new energy industry has seen remarkable achievements in recent years.

At present, cities such as Zaozhuang, Ji'ning and Tai'an are committed to the clustered development of the upstream lithium battery industry. In particular, Zaozhuang is committed to building the "lithium battery capital of northern China". So far, Zaozhuang has formed a complete whole industrial chain, boasting 35 lithium battery enterprises with more than 200 types of products.

At the same time, thanks to Shandong's complete new energy industrial chain, BYD and other new energy vehicle giants have also invested several projects in Shandong.

On July 16, the Ji'nan FinDreams Battery Project invested and constructed by BYD launched production. On that day, BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd. also signed the Agreement on the BYD Semiconductor Ji'nan R&D Center Project of Entering Ji'nan High-tech Zone with Ji'nan High-tech Zone. The R&D, sales and services of related products will be carried out around the industrial ecosystem of BYD semiconductor.