Shandong Leads 15 Provinces to Make China’s First Inter-provincial Joint Procurement of TCM Decoction Pieces, with a Maximum Decrease of 56.5% for 21 TCM Decoction Piece Varieties

Source: Editor: 梁爽07-17-2023 09:37

On July 7, the Information Office of the Shandong Provincial People's Government held a press conference to introduce the progress in the construction of Shandong's National Demonstration Zone for the Comprehensive Reform of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

At the press conference, Li Yuanzhi, Level II Bureau Rank Official of the Health Care Security Administration of Shandong Province, introduced that Shandong will add 1,381 kinds of Chinese patent medicines, and 892 kinds of TCM decoction pieces, up-to-par TCM formula granules and TCM preparations to the medical reimbursement list. An inter-provincial TCM (herbs) procurement alliance was established to lead 15 provinces to make the country's first inter-provincial joint procurement of TCM decoction pieces, with the goals of "quality assurance, upgrading and stable supply". 21 varieties of TCM decoction pieces from a total of 100 enterprises were selected, with an average price decrease of 29.5% and a maximum decrease of 56.5%; The TCM formula granules that meet the national and Shandong's standards will be included in the provincial platform for centralized drug procurement, allowing medical institutions to independently purchase them online and include them in medical insurance coverage according to relevant regulations. This will effectively promote the transition from enterprise standards to unified national and provincial standards for the production of TCM formula granules.