Zibo in Shandong Gives Full Play to the Coordinating Role of the "Human Resources & Social Security + Finance" Policy

Source: The SeanewsEditor: 张新娜06-21-2023 14:10

Recently, Zibo City rolled out a series of favorable financial policies for startup loans. This move aims to give full play to the coordinating role of the "human resources & social security + finance" policy, drive the development of the real economy and achieve high-quality and full employment.

It is reported that this series of startup loans are mainly characterized by scope expansion, principal reduction, and boost. "Scope expansion" refers to the further expansion of the cooperation scope of the "Qigang Loan", the special loan for stabilizing and expanding employment. "Principal reduction" refers to the policy of "renewal of loans without repayment". "Boost" refers to the newly launched "Entrepreneurship Boosting Loan" policy. It is learned that the "Entrepreneurship Boosting Loan" can provide loans of up to 500 thousand yuan for individuals for up to three years and 10 million yuan for small and micro businesses for up to two years; provide special commercial loans of up to 50 million yuan for enterprises winning entrepreneurship competitions (at or above the municipal level) for up to 2 years; and provide comprehensive credit support of up to 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan for business incubation demonstration bases and entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration complexes (at or above the municipal level) that meet the loan conditions. By the end of May, Zibo had signed facility agreements with 96 small and micro businesses, totaling 548 million yuan.