China (Jinan) Hyaluronic Acid Industry Conference to be Held from June 2 to 4, with Plans to Sign Contracts for Projects with a Total Investment of over RMB 10 Billion

Source: Editor: 梁爽06-12-2023 10:33

On May 29, the press conference of the China (Jinan) Hyaluronic Acid Industry Conference (hereinafter referred to as "HAIC") was held at the World Hyaluronic Acid Museum. The reporter learned that HAIC will be held in Jinan from June 2 to 4. HAIC is focused on the theme of "Technology Builds the Foundation, Innovation Leads the Way" and aims to build an authoritative and professional exchange platform for the whole hyaluronic acid industry chain, develop an industrial ecosystem, promote deep integration between upstream and downstream sectors of the industry chain, and drive cooperation between government, enterprises, research institutions, and universities, as well as the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements.

HAIC plans to sign 18 projects, with a total estimated investment exceeding RMB 10 billion. The main foreign partners for these projects include globally renowned companies such as Lumenis from the United States and NEO and INIBO from South Korea. The main domestic partners for these projects include industry leaders such as CMDC, Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, FREDA, 3SBIO, and BIOBASE, as well as large central enterprises and Fortune Global 500 companies. Meanwhile, Bloomage Biotech, an internationally leading enterprise in the hyaluronic acid industry, will sign cooperation agreements with six enterprises in upstream and downstream industrial chains.