Modern Light and Textile Industry

Source: Editor: 语言桥05-10-2023 18:59

Industry Overview

The modern light and textile industry in Shandong Province mainly includes textile and clothing, food, papermaking, smart home appliances, and furniture. It is a traditional and advantageous industry concerning people's livelihood in Shandong.

Industrial Base

The total scale and export volume of food industry in Shandong both rank first across the country. The textile and clothing industry covers all subdivisions of clothing, home textile, and industrial textiles, from the front-end textile industry, the intermediate printing and dyeing industry to the terminal industry of paper products. The papermaking industry covers three links: pulping in the upstream, papermaking in the mid-stream, and paper products in the downstream, with its operating revenue maintaining in the forefront of the country for a long time. The whole machine manufacturing technology level of smart home appliances takes the lead in the country. Shandong's furniture products also boast rich categories and complete supporting facilities.

Representative Fields (Enterprises)

Textile (Weiqiao), wine (Tsingtao Beer, ChangYu Wines), meat products (Jinluo), paper industry (Chenming, Huatai, Sun, Bohui, Asia Symbol (Shandong), Century Sunshine), household appliances (Haier, Hisense), VR products (Goertek).

Development Goals

The industry aims to continue to promote its overall competitiveness, enhance its innovation ability, strengthen its branding strategy, and improve the industrial ecology. It will step up efforts to cultivate one 100-billion-yuan enterprise and more than 20 10-billion-yuan enterprises, and create 40 cluster brands with high regional influence, 200 enterprise brands with high industrial influence, and 500 terminal consumer brands with high market reputation.

Also, it will establish an iconic industrial chain, systematically plan textile and clothing, food, papermaking, smart home appliances, furniture, and other traditional industrial chains, and promote the relevant policies and resources to gather in the modern light and textile industry. Efforts will also be made to implement key industrial projects, more than 20 provincial prioritized projects, key "Investment and Talent Attraction" contracted projects, and more than 300 provincial-municipal cooperative projects.

About 10 cluster leaders with strong support and driving force will be selected, cultivated, and included in the cultivation database of leading enterprises, and pioneering enterprises will be supported in the construction of core capabilities such as R&D, innovation, branding, and supply chain. More than 10 national-level industrial design centers and one new national-level textile and clothing creative design pilot demonstration park (platform) will be fostered to cement the foundation of R&D and innovation.

5G, big data, AI, and other new generation of information technologies will be deeply applied in the industry, with the aim to add more than 10 digital workshops, smart manufacturing plants, and smart manufacturing scenarios. More than 30 high-end brand cultivation enterprises in the manufacturing industry will be fostered. The "goose-swarm-array" industrial cluster of Qingdao's smart home appliances will be strengthened and expanded, with the efforts to cultivate two "goose-swarm-array" industrial clusters of textile and garment and 10 high-quality provincial-level characteristic and advantageous food industry cluster areas.