Jinan to Build National Regional Medical Center (TCM) by 2025

Source: Editor: 梁爽01-11-2023 16:24

A few days ago, the General Office of the Jinan Municipal People's Government issued the Action Plan of Jinan for Implementing the Construction Plan of Shandong Province on Establishing the National Demonstration Zone for Comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Reform (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan). Jinan will timely include eligible TCM technologies into the scope of medical insurance reimbursement as required and build the Bian Que culture-themed park. By 2025, it will build a national regional medical center (TCM) and a provincial-level regional TCM center.

The Action Plan clarifies the overall objective. By 2025, Jinan will make new breakthroughs in the high-quality development of TCM, improve and optimize the working system and mechanism related to TCM, construct the service system at a higher level, build a national regional medical center (TCM) and a provincial-level regional TCM center, and greatly enhance the strengths of TCM in preventive treatment, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, emergency response, and recovery. Jinan will achieve full coverage of community-level TCM in five aspects; 80% of the city's districts and counties will be built into national demonstration counties for community-level TCM, and 100% of the districts and counties will have their TCM hospitals meet the national recommendation standard for medical service capacity. Jinan will play a demonstration role in establishing a national demonstration zone for comprehensive TCM reform in Shandong Province.