Vice president of production

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Employer Profile:       "Located in Jining, Shandong, which is the home of Confucius and Mencius and the capital of canals, Shandong Hengxin Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 with a registered capital of RMB 500 million. Since its establishment, the company has been always bearing in mind its missions of “common wealth with people, common development with the city, common prosperity with the nation” and carrying forward its spirits of “learning from the best and benchmarking with the top to become the most outstanding enterprise and develop the most long-lasting business”.

It involves a wide range of industries, including high-end chemicals, new energy, new materials, integrated trade, logistics and transportation, modern agriculture, real estate property in Jining, Tai’an in Shandong Province, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other cities and provinces, and now it has developed into a large modern enterprise group of diversified development across different industries and regions.

The subsidiaries of the group rank among the Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises and the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in the Manufacturing Industry."

Number of  Open Posts: 3

Major Field: Production Management

Age Requirements:    Under 40 years old

Educational Requirements:      Junior college education degree or above

Local Policies for Talent Support and Subsidies:    Bachelor's degree in a related field, Talent Subsidy Policy in Zoucheng

Expected Country, Region and Institution of Candidate:      Unlimited

Location:     Jining, Tai'an

Post Title:    Vice president of production

Job Responsibilities:   "Responsibility for production

management and personnel management"

Minimum Annual Salary:   RMB 500,000

Maximum Annual Salary:  Around RMB 800,000

Job Qualification:       "1. Mechanical, equipment management, automatic control, and other related majors with a junior college education degree or above;

2. Under 40 years old;

3. Applicants with the title or qualification of engineer, constructor, etc. are preferred;

4. Five years (inclusive) or above experience in equipment management or management-related work;

5. Communication and coordination skills and proficiency in using various office software;

6. Strong sense of responsibility and dedication, durability for hard work and resilience; being good at making plans with clear logic, executive ability, and teamwork spirit."

Welfare Benefits: "1. The salary is negotiable according to the position after the applicant passes the

 three-month probationary period (according to the working years, employees will receive the annual merit salary; according to the year-end performance assessment, employees will receive the year-end bonus). As long as the candidate can work hard and is good enough, the salary can be negotiated by him/her.

2. The Group will pay for five insurances and a housing provident fund, providing adequate social security for the employer's living.

3. All employees will take the national legal holidays. On this basis, employees of functional departments have a two-day weekend leave every week while employees of production-related departments work in four groups and three shifts.

The Group advocates a proper balance between work and rest, and encourages employees to work hard while having a good rest.

4. The developed promotion channel and training system will become the pedal for

your promotion. 5. After the annual awards and merits evaluation, employees will be given certificates and bonuses. You'll shine in all directions.

6. High-grade apartment (equipped with air conditioners, heating supply, TV, table, chairs, cabinets, and toilet)"

Contact Person: Zhang Fengjun

Contact Number:      15153746201