Team leader of "Light Industry Chemistry and Paper-based Advanced Materials"

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Employer Profile:       Founded and formed in May 2017, Qilu University of Technology, also known as Shandong Academy of Sciences, is an applied research university under key construction in Shandong Province, the largest comprehensive research institute of natural sciences and a high-level university striving for being included as a national first-class university in the province. It has campuses or research institutes in Jinan, Qingdao, Jining, Linyi, Heze and other cities and the main campus is located in the Science and Technology Park of Jinan Changqing College Town. At the university, there are 30,000 students, 2,150 full-time teachers and 242 high-level talents of all professions. Many disciplines are set in the university, including 9 key disciplines at the provincial and ministerial level, 1 discipline included in the “Summit Discipline” Construction Initiative in Shandong Province, 1 discipline included in the “Advantageous and Characteristic Discipline” Construction Project in Shandong Province, 3 first-class disciplines in Shandong Province, 1 Class-I discipline authorized to offer doctoral degree programs, 14 Class-I disciplines authorized to offer master’s degree program and 93 Class-II disciplines authorized to offer master’s degree program.

Number of  Open Posts: 1

Major Field: Light Industry Technology and Engineering (Pulp and Paper Engineering)

Age Requirements:    Under 55 years old

Educational Requirements:      PhD

Local Policies for Talent Support and Subsidies:   

Expected Country, Region and Institution of Candidate:     


Post Title:    Team leader of "Light Industry Chemistry and Paper-based Advanced Materials"

Job Responsibilities:   Faculty of Light Industry and the State Key Laboratory of Bio-based Materials and Green Papermaking plan to recruit a full-time team leader of "Light Industry Chemistry and Paper-based Advanced Materials" that can undertake the teaching and research work in the discipline of pulp and paper engineering.

Minimum Annual Salary:   RMB 500,000

Maximum Annual Salary:  RMB 1 million

Job Qualification:       The applicant shall acquire a senior title with a broad academic vision and has been long engaging in teaching and research in the discipline of pulp and paper engineering; the applicant shall be under 43 years old (born after January 1979); whose work performance has been recognized, for example, being selected for the talent program developed by national ministries and commissions (including the "Program for New Century Excellent Talents" of the Ministry of Education); the applicant shall have more than one year of overseas study experience and good international academic communication skills.

Welfare Benefits: Level II or III professor positions (staffing of public institution) will be provided to employees, with an annual salary system (RMB 500,000-1,000,000); a research start-up funds of RMB 3 million - 10 million for scientific research will be provided; meanwhile, benefits include on-campus transitional housing, proper work for spouses and children education guarantee, superior office and laboratory; comprehensive supports will be provided to the candidate to build up scientific research team, together with a young talent introduction quota of 2-3 people.

Contact Person: Zhao Dan

Contact Number:      13698638661