Weifang Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Zone profile

Weifang Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone is a state-level economic and technological development zone approved by the State Council. It is located at the northern end of Weifang City and on the south bank of Laizhou Bay of the Bohai Sea, with a land area of 678 square kilometers, a sea area of 510 square kilometers and a coastline of 69 kilometers. It has jurisdiction over two streets of Yangzi and Dajiawa, with a total population of 230,000. It has successively been approved as National Science and Technology Innovation Base, National Eco-Industrial Demonstration Park, National Vocational Education Innovation and Development Pilot Zone, National Park Circular Transformation Demonstration Pilot Zone, National Industry-City Integration Demonstration Zone, National "Enclave Economy" Demonstration Zone and Shandong Industry-Talent Development Demonstration Park. It is the largest salt and bromine production and export base in China, and large state-owned enterprises such as Sinochem, Sinopec, CNOOC, and Weichai Power all have production bases here.

The traffic conditions are convenient. More than 10 expressways such as Rongwu Expressway and Weiri Expressway and national and provincial highways pass through the territory. The Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway East Line and the Bohai Rim High-speed Railway have a common station here. Weifang Port is a national first-class open port with 45 existing berths, of which 12 are over 50,000 tons.

Leading industry

Equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals, new energy vehicles, biomedicine, port logistics industries.

Industry Base

Weifang Binhai is the national high-end equipment manufacturing base around the Bohai Sea and the national high-end petrochemical base on the southern coast of the Bohai Sea. Focus on the five major sections of high-end chemical industry, advanced manufacturing, cultural tourism, port-side economy, business and residence, and make overall plans to promote the development of new energy, new materials, electronic information and other industries. Strategic emerging projects such as Italian Aviation Power City, Laser Intelligent Reengineering, and 3D Printing Industry Chain have settled in; a large number of enterprises such as Weichai Heavy Machinery, FAW Lingyuan high-end pickup trucks, Jikai Technology's intelligent and efficient mining equipment industrialization project, Sinochem Hongrun Petrochemical, Xinhecheng Pharmaceutical, and CNOOC Haihua Group's petrochemical and salt-chemical integration have gathered.

Industry clusters

High-end equipment industry cluster, new energy automobile industry cluster, bio-pharmaceutical industry cluster, high-end chemical industry cluster, port-side logistics industry cluster.

Industry Planning

Weifang Binhai Xicheng District (Dajiawa Sub-district Office) is the main population urban area of Weifang Binhai Development Zone, the core medical and health care area, the core national high-quality public education demonstration area, the core dining, entertainment and shopping area, the core business and financial service industry office area, and the core art and cultural exchange gathering area.

Support Policies

Optimize land allocation. More than 70% of the planned land use quota will be used for industrial development, and priority will be given to securing land for key industrial projects.

Innovative financial support. Strictly implement policies such as value-added tax deduction for fixed asset investment and pre-tax deduction for research and development expenses to support enterprise development. Use the market-oriented mechanism to give full play to the leverage of special fiscal funds, enterprise development funds, policy guarantee funds and other funds to support innovation, transformation and development of enterprises.

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