Tengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Tengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone is a state-level economic and technological development zone with an overall planned area of 87 square kilometers. The development pattern of "one district and two parks" has gradually formed, including a comprehensive industrial zone, an intelligent manufacturing industrial park, and Lunan high-tech chemical park. It has formed two pillar industries of new chemical materials and mechanical machine tools, six major advantageous industries of glass deep processing, food light industry, textile and clothing, home decoration, children's products, and automobile accessories, and five emerging industries of new energy, new materials, biomedicine, electronic information, energy saving and environmental protection.

Key industries

High-end equipment: With the development orientation of building a national machine tool manufacturing and sales center, it focuses on introducing advanced manufacturing system projects dominated by CNC machine tools and supported by four major sectors: special equipment, metal products, intelligent manufacturing equipment, and precision casting. Focused on intelligence, digitization, and greening, and guided by enterprise transformation and upgrading and meeting individual needs, we will vigorously develop new models such as intelligent manufacturing, personalized customization, flexible production, and cloud manufacturing, and strive for the establishment of a national machine tool technology research center in Tengzhou.

High-end chemical industry: Focusing on the development orientation of building a national-level chemical new material base, continue to grow and strengthen the two major industrial chains of amino and alcohol bases, focus on cultivating and strengthening the backbone chain enterprises such as Shanneng Luhua and Lianhong Xinke, further expand the scale of methanol production , and produce high value-added olefin deep-processing products. Relying on acetic acid and synthetic ammonia, actively carry out research and development of new chemical materials and new products to realize product diversification, and strive to build a domestic first-class chemical new material industrial base; Fine chemical industry. Develop high-performance resins and new high-end composite materials, and extend the production of new plastics, phenolic resins, cyanuric acid formaldehyde resins and epoxy resins and other related resins and auxiliary products around formaldehyde products, so as to improve the technical level and the added value of products in the fine chemical industry.

New materials: Centered on the development orientation of building an influential industrial cluster in the country, focus on the introduction of high-tech membrane materials, functional polymer materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, new building materials and other industrial projects, cultivate and expand industry leaders such as Xindi Home Furnishing and Xinhua Silicone. Promote the development of industrial products towards green, differentiated, functional and high added value.

New-generation information technology: Focus on introducing new-generation electronic information networks, electronic core industries, Internet and cloud computing, big data services, artificial intelligence and other industrial projects. Relying on Huawei (Tengzhou) Industrial Intelligence Innovation Center, develop smart industries such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Build a mechanical and machine tool innovation collaborative service platform, attract cleaning and processing, cloud storage disaster recovery base projects, and data storage, processing and application projects, and create a number of industrial Internet application benchmarks.

New medicine: focus on introducing industrial projects such as biomedicine, advanced medical equipment, and smart medical care. Introduce advanced technology, increase the research and development of innovative drugs, make breakthroughs and move towards advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, characteristic raw materials, and finished drugs. Vigorously develop the high-end medical device industry and promote the accelerated growth of industrial clusters.

New energy: Focus on the introduction of biomass energy, photovoltaic energy, geothermal energy, air energy and other industrial projects, improve the biomass energy industry chain, promote industrial technology promotion, build biomass briquette fuel production bases according to local conditions, and explore to establish a biomass resources collecting system covering urban and rural areas and an industrial system of the production, processing, storage, transportation, sales, and use of briquette fuels; adhere to the coordinated development of photovoltaic industry and solar thermal industry, vigorously develop and promote high-end, high-quality, high-efficiency technical products; actively promote the research and development and promotion of key technical equipment for geothermal energy and air energy projects, and build high-end production bases in the new energy industry.

Support Policies

Land policy: For industrial projects that have obtained land use rights through bidding, auction and listing, according to the scale of investment, after deduct land compensation and resettlement subsidies, compensation for young crops and ground attachments, social security funds, cultivated land reclamation fees, and paid use fees for new construction land, the corresponding amount of funds will be allocated proportionally from the "special funds for financial resources construction" established by the municipal finance to support the development of enterprises.

Tax policy: From the date of tax payment, the local net financial resources of the value-added tax and corporate income tax paid by enterprises will be exempted for three years and reduced by half for two years.

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