Shandong chemical industry highlights the development of polyurethane superiority industry

Source: Editor: 燕鸽02-28-2022 11:17

As a traditional pillar industry in Shandong Province, after decades of accumulation and development, the chemical industry in Shandong Province has been ranked first in terms of the total economic output in China for many consecutive years. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Shandong carries out in-depth special actions for the transformation and upgrading of safe production in the chemical industry, vigorously promotes the high-end, high-quality and efficient development of the chemical industry as an inherent requirement for the implementation of the strategy of replacing old growth drivers with new ones, and accelerating from a major chemical province to a strong chemical province .

The "Planning" proposes to rely on Yantai Chemical Industrial Park, Laiyang Chemical Industrial Park, etc., to highlight the development of high-end polyolefin, polyurethane, polyamide and other characteristic and advantageous industries, and to accelerate  isocyanate integration projects. Optimize and upgrade eight major industries and extend the industrial chain. Focus on the development of 6 major industrial chains including "toluene-isocyanate-high-performance polyurethane-terminal products" etc..

As the largest chemical province in the country in terms of industrial scale for 28 consecutive years, Shandong has recently been actively laying out key industrial chains such as downstream deep processing of olefins and aromatics, high-end functional chemicals, etc., promote aggregation and cluster development along the “chain”, cohesively creating an excellent industrial ecology for high-end chemicals, reshaping new growth drivers, and forming a new pattern.

Shandong chemical industry focuses on 10 high-end chemical industry chains, including triene triphenyl, coal-based chemicals, fluorosilicon materials, and functional chemicals, identifies "chain master" enterprises and implement the "chain length" mechanism. Ethylene-polyolefin/synthetic resin-terminal application industry chain, propylene-polypropylene/engineering plastics and modified material industry chain, butene-carbon four synthetic material-rubber and plastic products industry chain, toluene-Isocyanate-high performance polyurethane-terminal product industry chain, benzene-polyamide-nylon new material-textile and engineering materials industry chain, PX-PTA-polyester industry chain, coal-based fine chemicals industry chain, fluorine materials industry chain , silicon material industry chain and high-end functional chemical industry chain. More than 20 leading high-end chemical companies, including Yulong Petrochemical, Wanhua Chemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Jincheng Petrochemical, Lihuayi, Qixiang Tengda, Jingbo Petrochemical, Hualu Hengsheng, Luxi Chemical, Unipec, Dongyue Group, Gulf Group, Binhua Group, and Qingyuan Group, have been identified as "pilot-type" companies in various industrial chains.