Linyi Economic Development Zone

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Shandong Linyi Economic Development Zone was established in August 1998, and was approved by the Shandong Provincial Government as a provincial economic development zone.

Shandong Linyi Economic Development Zone is located 50 kilometers north to Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province, close to Jinan's pilot zone of replacement of old growth drivers with new ones, 40 kilometers away from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport to the south, 40 kilometers away from Dezhou East High-speed Railway Station tp the west, 300 kilometers away from Beijing and 200 kilometers away from Tianjin to the north. Beijing-Taiwan Expressway, Qingzhou-Yinchuan Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, 513, 104 and other national and provincial highways pass through the zone. The Delongyan Railway has passenger and cargo stations in the county, and the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway has entrances and exits in Linyi.

Supporting facilities

In recent years, Linyi Economic Development Zone, in accordance with the development idea of "complete supporting facilities, optimization of functions, industrial agglomeration and interactive development", has gradually formed a development pattern of "one zone and two parks" with the western economic development zone as the core and the northern chemical industrial park and the eastern high-tech industrial park as beneficial supplements, with a total area of 39.29 square kilometers.

The planned area of the Western Economic Development Zone is 19.61 square kilometers. The park mainly develops the biopharmaceutical industry, and new materials, food processing, textile and clothing, equipment manufacturing and other industries are diversified.

Linyi Chemical Industrial Park has been recognized as the first batch of chemical industrial parks in the province, with a planned area of 8.07 square kilometers. The industry in the park is positioned as fine chemical industry and new chemical material industry.

The planned area of Linyi High-tech Industrial Park is 11.61 square kilometers. The industry in the park is positioned as equipment manufacturing and new material industries. At present, more than 30 powerful listed companies and industry leaders have settled in, including Shandong Aofu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Tiandingfeng Nonwovens Co., Ltd., Shandong Haineng Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., Shandong Logiste Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Dad's Choice Health Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Hengchang Medical Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

Industrial base

In recent years, Linyi Economic Development Zone has continuously optimized the industrial structure, promoted industrial upgrading, guided industrial agglomeration, vigorously developed the three major industries of new materials, biomedicine and equipment manufacturing, and continued to promote advantageous industries such as petrochemical, food processing, textile and clothing, forming a "3+X" industrial development system.

Petrochemical industry Linyi County is an important oil production area of Shengli Oilfield. It has proven oil reserves of 300 million tons and natural gas of 4 billion cubic meters. Based on the resource advantages of the oil area, an industrial system dominated by petrochemical, fine chemical, rubber and plastic products and other industries has been formed. At present, there are 65 enterprises above designated size in this industry, 5 provincial-level enterprise technology centers, 3 provincial-level high-tech enterprises, 1 provincial-level academician workstation, and 1 provincial-level international cooperative research center.

New material industry Linyi Economic Development Zone has obvious advantages in the development of new material industry agglomeration. The products involve pre-baked anodes, special graphite, functional ceramics, new building materials, special fibers etc.

Biopharmaceutical industry In recent years, the biopharmaceutical industry in Linyi Economic Development Zone has developed rapidly and has initially formed an industrial system dominated by pharmaceutical products, veterinary drugs and pesticide products, and biological products.

Equipment manufacturing industry The equipment manufacturing industry is a leading industry that has been cultivated by Linyi Economic Development Zone in recent years, involving medical machinery, automotive equipment, optical equipment, energy-saving equipment, logistics equipment and related basic parts and parts manufacturing industries. The industrial innovation capacity and the development momentum are strong.

Food Processing Industry Linyi County is an important grain producing county with abundant agricultural resources. The food processing industry is one of the advantageous traditional industries in Linyi Economic Development Zone, forming an industry system mainly focusing on livestock product processing and snack food processing.

Textile and Apparel Industry Linyi Economic Development Zone's textile and apparel industry has a good industrial foundation. Its main products include carded and combed ring spinning, high-end denim fabrics, high-end apparel products, and diapers.

Investment Environment

Focusing on pro-business, business safety, business support, and business protection, implement the "new model of government service living room", open the approval service "caravan", realize "window forward, front-line service", achieve "if enterprise needs, I must respond", and create an "upgraded version" of administrative approval services.

It took the lead in creating a "government service living room" model in the province, changing the traditional service concept, and providing hotel-style and butler-style services for mass enterprises. Up to now, it has provided "housekeeper-style" assistant agency services for more than 1,060 enterprises.

Implement "order-based" sinking services, hard-core assistants, and responsive to requests. It is the first in the province to set up 3 "real-name assistant studios" named after individuals, and provide strong approval services for "general talents".

Implement the "project agency system", and set up a key project assistant agency service team composed of section-level cadres, so as to take "trouble" over and bring "convenience" to the enterprise.

Establish a "caravan" system for administrative approval services, implement a special supporting fund of 115,000 yuan for the "caravans", set up an assistant service team of 18 department business backbones, and move administrative approval and government services to the enterprise site to achieve "enterprise whistle blowing, approval and registration arriving".

Investment direction

New chemical materials, food processing, high-end equipment manufacturing, new electronic information materials, new energy.

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