Green and Environmental Protection Industry for New Materials of Lithium Electricity

  • Budget:15billion
    Cooperation Mode:Sole proprietorship, ...
  • Industry:New energy & materials

Target Investors

Leading enterprises in the lithium-ion new energy industry, top 500 enterprises, etc.

Market Potential

After the project is put into operation, it is expected to realize a sales revenue of RMB 30 billion and a profit and tax of RMB 3.5 billion. About 1,500 new jobs will be created.


With a planned area of 3.75 kilometers, the environment-friendly industrial park of lithium battery new materials in Feicheng City\\\'s Old Town is a provincial comprehensive test area and linkage area for replacement of old growth drivers with new ones, and a cluster area for projects of China Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Group to implement strategic cooperation. In the park, centers for centralized heating, biomass energy power generation, waste power generation and chemical solid waste disposal are constructed and "seven accesses and one leveling (accesses to traffic, water supply, water drainage, electricity, communication, heat and gas as well as land leveling)" are achieved, which can ensure centralized online monitoring of safety and environmental protection and closed park management. By virtue of complete comprehensive supporting facilities, the project boasts a strong bearing capacity. At present, the park has attracted well-known industry enterprises such as China Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Group, Ruifu Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., and Yunnan Water.

Preferential Policies

According to the project investment intensity, scale, output benefit, etc., corresponding preferential policies will be given.

Investment Requirements

It is planned to introduce enterprises in the fields of lithium-ion batteries\\\' anode materials, cathode materials, lithium-ion power battery packs, electric vehicle manufacturing, etc.


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