Reform of Industries Driven by Digital Technologies in Dongying, Shandong

Source: Haibao NewsEditor: 李明秀05-17-2024 11:20

This year, Dongying in Shandong Province has initiated efforts to upgrade advanced equipment. In response to the need for improvement in industries such as tire and petroleum equipment, it has implemented 54 major projects with a total investment of 30.7 billion yuan to promote the technological equipment in key industries to higher standards. By utilizing the Digital Economy Zone and the national-level Yunfan cross-industry and cross-field industrial internet platform, the city is facilitating the transition of enterprises towards core equipment upgrades, production line transformations, and automation, thereby nurturing a cluster of digital workshops and smart factories. It is projected that over 90% of industrial enterprises above designated size will undergo digital transformation this year.

This endeavor marks not only an enhancement of the local industrial system but also a comprehensive transformation of the entire industrial landscape. Dongying boasts industrial revenues exceeding trillions of yuan, with sectors like petrochemicals, tire manufacturing, and non-ferrous metals ranking prominently nationwide. Some equipment has been in use for long periods with limited digital integration, demonstrating significant opportunities for equipment upgrades and great potential. Leveraging key high-level industry innovation platforms, Dongying is driving forward equipment upgrades and technological advancements to propel the manufacturing sector towards high-end, intelligent, and environmentally friendly practices.