Shandong’s 15 Counties (Cities and Districts) Land on the List of the First Leading Counties in China by Commercial Development

Source: Haibao NewsEditor: 柳文琦11-28-2023 15:10

Recently, the Conference on County Commercial Innovation and Development in Digital Economic Era by the Ministry of Commerce of China was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. During the conference, the list of the first batch of leading counties in China by commercial development, which totaled 123, was released. Notably, 15 counties (cities and districts) in Shandong landed on the list, ranking first in China. They were Jiaozhou City, Longkou City, Qingzhou City, Shouguang City, Weishan County, Ningyang County, Lanshan District of Linyi City, Decheng District of Dezhou City, Liangshan County, Laixi City, Juxian County, Zouping City, Laiwu District of Jinan City, Guangrao County and Mudan District of Heze City.

As one of the supporting activities of the Second Global Digital Trade Expo, the conference was themed "Empowering County Commerce and Contributing to the Prosperity of Rural Consumer Markets through Digital Technology." Besides, the first batch of 123 typical cases of leading counties in China by commercial development was announced at the conference.