The First China International Supply Chain Expo Kicks off in Beijing

Source: Haibao NewsEditor: 柳文琦11-28-2023 14:05

On November 28, the first China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade kicked off in Beijing. This is the world's first national expo dedicated to supply chains. Themed "Connecting the World for a Shared Future," the first CISCE is aimed at integrating the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, connecting small, medium, and large enterprises, promoting collaboration between industry, academia, research, and application, and facilitating interactions between Chinese and foreign enterprises.

The event covers five major supply chains, i.e. Smart Vehicle, Green Agriculture, Clean Energy, Digital Technology, and Healthy Life, and an exhibition area for the Supply Chain Service. A total of 515 Chinese and foreign enterprises and organizations will display new technologies, products and services in key upstream, midstream and downstream links of each supply chain. Among the participating enterprises are Fortune Global 500 ones and leading ones in the global supply chain system; overseas exhibitors account for 26%, covering 55 countries and regions; enterprises from the United States and Europe account for 36% of the total overseas exhibitors.

In addition, the event has also set up an international exhibition area. South Africa, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, the African Union, the Arab League, Portuguese-speaking countries, Latin American and Caribbean countries, etc. will participate by having their national or regional exhibition booths.