Shandong’s Zaozhuang City: Strengthen Project Attraction and Ensure Smooth Operation of the Pomegranate Production, Circulation and Consumption Links

Source: Haibao NewsEditor: 白雪飞09-28-2023 14:00

On September 26, the opening ceremony of the 2023 Pomegranate Industry Development Conference was held in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. At the opening ceremony, 24 projects including Liuyuan Huajing Rural Complex were signed, with the combined investment reaching 9.182 billion yuan.

Known as "the hometown of pomegranates in China," Zaozhuang is one of the seven major producing areas of pomegranates in China. Revolving around the development of the pomegranate industry, Zaozhuang has achieved remarkable results in attracting projects with greater efforts. First, focusing on building a complete pomegranate industrial chain, the city has made vigorous efforts to attract various projects such as deep processing and by-product processing of pomegranates to improve the production and processing capacity of existing enterprises in such fields as pomegranate juice beverages, pomegranate tea, and pomegranate wine. Second, the city has done positive work to develop a new diversified model characterized by "pomegranate plus", diversify the types of processed pomegranate products, and accelerate the R&D of high-end products and the upgrading of existing products under the brand of "Zaozhuang Pomegranate". Third, the city has actively built a cloud and big data platform for Zaozhuang pomegranate, a smart pomegranate garden demonstration site, and an exhibition hall of the big data center for Zaozhuang pomegranate, advanced the promotion and use of digital business systems, and ensured the smooth operation of Zaozhuang's pomegranate production, circulation, and consumption links.