Shandong Model for the Development of the Marine Industry Ecosystem: Offshore Wind Power + Marine Ranch, Green Economy + Blue Granary

Source: The SeanewsEditor: 张新娜07-27-2023 11:00

According to recent data released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China has made significant progress in the development of deep sea aquaculture, with nearly 44 million cubic meters of deep sea aquaculture waters and a production output of 400,000 tons by now. Deep sea aquaculture, as a sustainable production model for marine products, offers a promising strategic choice for global food security and ecological preservation.


On the southern coast of Laizhou Bay, Shandong has taken the lead in implementing the nationwide "offshore wind power + marine ranch" demonstration project. Since then, a new industrial model characterized by "green economy + blue granary" has been established, serving as a representative example of the development of Shandong's marine industry ecosystem. The marine ranches of Shandong thrive in multiple places such as Weihai, Yantai and Weifang, and have deeply integrated into Shandong's marine industry footprints. Marine ranches have stimulated the growth of various industries, resulting in the formation of four major industrial bases, including seedling culture, offshore ecological aquaculture, seafood processing and eco-friendly leisure tourism. Moreover, the combined economic and ecological benefits have forged a new path for Shandong's work in marine eco-environment protection.