Weihai City Signs 10 Key Projects on Cultural Tourism

Source: Editor: 梁爽07-17-2023 09:38

On July 7, during the 2023 Weihai Self-driving Traveler Conference, Weihai City signed 10 key projects on cultural tourism. Among the 10 projects, 3 of them are located in Huancui District, 1 in Wendeng District, 3 in Rongcheng City, 2 in Rushan City and 1 in Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total investment of 1.732 billion yuan. The contracted projects involve various business forms such as hotels, homestays as well as cultural tourism and commercial complexes, with both new projects and comprehensive development projects that attract investment for quality improvements.

The signing of these projects not only represents an important measure of Weihai city to innovate consumption forms of cultural tourism and promote high-quality development, but also an important exploration of "tourism +" and "self-driving +" modes. In addition to the newly signed projects, 73 key projects on cultural tourism around the city identified at the beginning of this year are also progressing in an orderly manner, with an investment of 8.829 billion yuan.