Solving the financing problem: Liaocheng tops the province in the growth rate of inclusive finance proportion for two consecutive years

Source: The SeanewsEditor: 张新娜06-14-2023 17:49

In recent years, Liaocheng's financial system has conscientiously implemented the requirements of the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee and Liaocheng Municipal Government on the high-quality development of the private economy. Liaocheng has always taken solving the financing problems faced by private enterprises as its top priority, focused on increasing the total volume of credit, vigorously developed direct financing, and continuously deepened service innovation. These efforts have led to remarkable achievements.

The financial system of Liaocheng has increased the credit supply to private enterprises by actively implementing the national, provincial and municipal financial preferential policies for enterprises, organizing multi-level and multi-field matchmaking activities between the government, financial institutions and enterprises, introducing multiple batches of lists of private enterprises to banking institutions, and providing guidance to financial institutions to increase credit supply to private enterprises. It has regularly organized the "Spring Breeze Campaign" to provide financial services to rural areas and private enterprises and carried out the "Inclusive Finance Competition" to create a strong atmosphere in which the private economy is supported by the financial system. Liaocheng's growth rate of inclusive finance proportion has ranked first for two consecutive years. By the end of April, Liaocheng's loan balance for small and micro businesses was 64.323 billion yuan, with an increase of 6.478 billion yuan over the beginning of the year. The growth rate was 11.18%, 6.63 percentage points higher than the growth rates of other kinds of loans.