Qingdao Holds Government Financing Guarantee Policy Promotion Conference

Source: The SeanewsEditor: 张新娜06-05-2023 16:57

On May 31, the Qingdao Municipal Finance Bureau and the Qingdao Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China carried out policy publicity activities around topics such as government financing guarantee and inclusive finance helping small and medium-sized businesses develop. Its aim is to further publicize government financing guarantee policies, help enterprises better understand, master and enjoy policies, stimulate the vitality of market entities, effectively promote the development of small and micro-sized enterprises, and continuously optimize the business environment of Qingdao.

At the meeting, the Qingdao Municipal Finance Bureau explained Qingdao's government financing guarantee from three aspects, namely the basic definition, the relevant policies issued by Qingdao and the basic situation of government financing guarantee in Qingdao. Among others, the four practical measures of capital replenishment mechanism, re-guarantee risk replenishment mechanism, guarantee fee subsidy mechanism and business rewards and subsidies mechanism were the focus.

Next, the Qingdao Municipal Finance Bureau will continue to support in-depth cooperation between government financing guarantee institutions and banking financial institutions together with the Qingdao Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China and other relevant departments, guide more financing guarantee institutions to join the government financing guarantee system, further expand the scale of financing guarantee business for small and micro-sized enterprises, promote financial institutions to dare to lend money and quickly lend money, and guide more credit funds to support small and micro-sized enterprises to tide over difficulties and develop healthily.