Shandong Receives over 39 Million Visits and 26.03 Billion Yuan during the 2023 Spring Festival Holiday

Source: Editor: 梁爽02-02-2023 14:57

Shandong's culture and tourism market has shown a strong recovery during the 2023 Spring Festival holiday, getting the new year off to a great start. This success comes as a result of the policies and measures introduced by Shandong's culture and tourism authority to provide a richer supply of culture and tourism products and inject impetus into culture and tourism consumption. During the holiday, Shandong welcomed 39.163 million visits and received 26.03 billion yuan of revenue, released Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on January 28.

To boost culture and tourism consumption, Shandong issued the Policies and Measures for Vigorously Boosting Culture and Tourism Consumption, and introduced a package of policies benefiting enterprises and the people before the Spring Festival holiday. Subsequently, sixteen cities successively introduced supporting measures, thus synergizing the provincial and municipal efforts.

One of the measures was a ticket discount campaign in scenic areas. Of all the 456 scenic areas that need an entrance ticket in the province, 375 implemented the campaign. Specifically, 132 state-owned scenic areas launched a free admission offer and 243 non-state-owned scenic areas offered a half-price or more discount. During the holiday, the governments at different levels in Shandong issued 18.62 million yuan worth of vouchers for culture and tourism consumption in total, which contributed to 53.66 million yuan and 390 million yuan worth of consumption directly and indirectly.