Shandong aims at seven industrial chains of high-end equipment

Source: Editor: 燕鸽02-28-2022 11:16

A new pattern of high-end equipment industry in Shandong has been formed, and high-end equipment has been mainly distributed in Jiaoji and cities along the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. In addition to the three core areas of Jinan, Qingdao, and Yantai, Weifang, Dongying, Linyi, Jining, Zaozhuang, Liaocheng and other cities along the high-speed rail line also have their own advantageous equipment industry clusters.

This industrial belt, which runs through Jiaoji and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, supports the "chassis" of Shandong's high-end equipment industry. Shandong has "stepped on the accelerator" in the development of this major industry.

Since last year, Shandong has accelerated the implementation of the "chain length system". Among the 42 key industrial chains involved, 7 are high-end equipment, namely automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery equipment, CNC machine tools, hydrogen fuel cells, marine engineering equipment and Rail transit equipment.

In terms of the industrial scale of the equipment industry, Shandong has gained advantages in many industries - agricultural machinery, mechanical basic parts, and casting rank first in China; construction machinery, internal combustion engines, and medical equipment rank second in China; and the automobile industry ranks third in China.

Shandong has made it clear that it will actively cultivate five new equipment industries including new generation information technology equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transit equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment and aerospace equipment, and continue to optimize five characteristic and advantageous equipment industries including new energy vehicles, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, High-performance medical equipment, high-end energy equipment, intelligent agricultural equipment.

In terms of high-end equipment manufacturing, Shandong's industrial agglomeration has continued to improve. Shandong has cultivated 11 provincial-level "geese formation" industrial clusters, and 2 industrial clusters of rail transit equipment and smart home appliances have been selected as national advanced manufacturing clusters.

CNC machine tools, power equipment, and new energy vehicles in Jinan; rail transit, robotics and additive manufacturing, and smart home appliances in Qingdao; marine equipment and nuclear power equipment in Yantai; power equipment in Weifang; petroleum equipment in Dongying; construction machinery and equipment in Linyi and Jining; small and medium-sized machine tools in Zaozhuang; bearing components in Liaocheng and other characteristic industrial clusters are booming, forming a new development pattern of high-end equipment industry with "three cores leading" in Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, and "one belt support" along the industrial belt of Jiaoji and Beijing-Shanghai railway.

By building an industrial belt along Jiaoji and Beijing-Shanghai railways, Shandong influences and drives the surrounding areas to promote industrial agglomeration and optimization.

It is reported that Shandong has 8 national and provincial manufacturing innovation centers, 141 industrial design centers, and 22 national technology innovation demonstration enterprises in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing. These innovative platforms will undoubtedly support the core competitiveness of Shandong's high-end equipment industry.